When it comes to vaping, it can be a daunting experience to get going with the plethora of vaping products on the market. If you stand to catch your breath for just a moment then another 10 products will have been released. In a way it is a welcome issue within the industry today, plenty of choice in many different shapes and sizes to cater for all vapers. Except it can be difficult to know where to start in all honesty, most reviewers give glowing praise to products, how often does a YouTube video sound negative about something? So you can ask online and get what everyone’s favourite products are, except that is their personal choice, not yours. I know in the last 18 months the Mesh Pro was deemed one of the best sub ohm tanks on the market by many but I personally didn’t enjoy it. Just because one person enjoys something, does not make that the right product to use. The issue confounds further when each and every product that gets released seems to have 101 different versions at any given point. The Voopoo Vinci had at least 3-4 different versions that were released that all served the same product. So vaping can be overwhelming when you haven’t jumped head first into the whole industry.

So this is where I want to step in and take a look at what are some of the easiest devices to use when it comes to each type of vaping. Vaping is all about preferences and until you find the product that will suit you best, it can be an endless quest looking for the one device to rule them all. Whether you are new to vaping, or looking to make a step up in how you want to vape, hopefully this guide can prove to be a helpful tool to get you going. What I want to look at is not only what is good in each type but easy, simplify to make the change as smooth as possible. So we won’t be looking at devices that require fine tuning or need some advanced knowledge in electronics to get working. We simply want to explore what is the easiest products for you to pick up. So join us here at Drip Hacks whilst we take a look at the best simple vaping products on the market today.

Best Entry Product

When it comes to entry products, that can sway from a cheap newsagent set up to something far more advanced than for the entry level user. Entry products should be easy to use, that even your parents can use without any real issue and serve the simple purpose of helping someone make the switch from smoking to vaping. Plenty of people will suggest many different products to start vaping with but they can be overly complicated, too big or simple the wrong type of device, this is where entry style devices come into their own. So with this category there was only one out and out winner that ticks all the boxes and has had many people sing its praises since its release. If you want to really break this one down then a JUUL or something closed cartridge would be a good choice but it limits you to brand which is what removes half the enjoyment of vaping. So the best entry level product for simplicity is…

Uwell Caliburn

The perfect product for simply replacing your nicotine addiction and making the switch, the Caliburn has been one of the most popular devices of its kind for well over a year now. It has a 520 mAh battery that although not large, works well for that nicotine hit when required, easy and quick to charge and doesn’t increase the size of the device. The Caliburn has no buttons, it fires when you take a draw on it which removes any accidental firings when kept in a bag or pocket. The 2mil pod is not the biggest but it works really well with any nicotine level, all the way to 20mg. You use this device much like a cigarette and the device power output is small so you aren’t getting a giant mouthful of vapour when using it. The device is cheap, light and well made with everything just fitting in beautifully. The pods are simply disposable when coils have burnt out making them easier to manage, it comes with a top fill system which means you don’t have to take it apart to change anything.

If you want a product that works really well and keeps vaping as easy as possible then the Caliburn is the best way to go. It will allow you to gauge power as well as if you want that little bit more oomph from your vape you can then move up to one that provides just that. At such a low selling price for both the pods and the device itself, the Caliburn is ideal for anyone wanting to use standard nicotine flavours and want to keep it easy.


Best Nicotine Salt Device

A fairly new addition to the vaping world, nicotine salts are almost the direct opposite of regular nicotine, it is smoother, carries more flavour at higher strengths and it can offer an entirely new way of vaping given the multitude of products designed for it. So with that being said we have to take a look at what products do nicotine salt really well, that offer something different that others cannot do. This was a hard category to settle on, after all in a nicotine salt market there is plenty that really do offer everything all in one package. So we have to take a look at something that is simple yet not basic, something that provides everything you would want in a device for nicotine salt and can serve as more than just a nicotine delivery system. So with all that being said, the best nicotine salt product on the market is…..

Horizontech Magico Stick Kit

What more can you ask for with a device such as this! Horizontech are a company that are known for their sub ohm tanks so it was a surprise to see them branch out into more MTL style territory. However the Magico Stick is absolutely out of this world and it would be great for most types of vapers wanting to use nicotine salts. The battery is an internal 2000 mAh, which means it will last all day with regular use. It has no adjustable power but it delivers power based on the coil that you have in the tank itself. It is small and light enough to carry comfortably and combining that with the easy USB charging, makes it great to throw on charge in work. The tank is a 4 mil capacity tank with top filling for easy topping up and it has adjustable airflow as well for whatever type of vaping you want to do with this. The two coils it comes with are rated 1.2 ohm and 0.12 ohm, with the former great for MTL vaping and the latter for DL vaping. So the device can be used as a low powered sub ohm kit or a restrictive MTL depending on your preference. However what makes this stand out from the rest is the ability to be able to sub ohm high strength nicotine salts on the device. The coils are easy to replace and the flavour is fantastic, Drip Hacks nicotine salts taste amazing in the tank. So it gives you both the versatility of how to vape but gives you an almost unheard of ability to sub ohm higher strengths if required.

If you want a product that is a great entry for nicotine salts then this is your best bet by a long shot. It has everything in the one package and it serves to be brilliant when compared to similar products on the market today. It can let you get used to sub ohm vaping or can just give you a little bit more of a hit if required in any stressful situations. It covers all bases and that is why the Magico is a perfect little kit.

Easiest Vaping Mod

When it comes to mods on the market today, there is so many options out there that it can be a little daunting looking into them. At the very top end they require fine tuning to such a degree that only the most experienced vapers would dare to own one. At the very bottom they can feel cheap, poorly made or just have little issues that makes them a chore to use. So when it comes to an easy vaping mod we want to take a look at quality, affordability and most importantly performance. It has to be a pick up and go type of device that even new vapers can get their head around but at the same time provide value for money. Given that the most basic function of a mod is to power your coils to allow you to vape, the best mods provide battery life, options and yet an easy entry level style for plug and go style vaping. So after narrowing it down quite a bit, we decided to go with……

Geekvape Aegis X

Given the huge array of choices on the market today, something had to swing it for one product over another and the Aegis X has that in abundance. The Geekvape Aegis range has been popular for years now with plenty of different versions for different purposes, from light travel to full blown power. The latest incarnation however wraps everything up in one neat package that really delivers on all fronts making it both value for money and a device with long term use. The mod itself is a box style with a large colourful screen clearly displaying all the information you want. The navigation buttons can alter power and a simple menu system can allow you to change modes on the go. The device comes with shock/dust/water proof protections that allow for wear and tear far more than your average device and Geekvape are the kings of this. The device is responsive, has great battery life, its easy to use and most importantly is compatible with any standard tank on the market today. It comes in a range of colours, is comfortable without being too heavy and the build quality is excellent as well. Powered by 2 batteries, it surpasses any of the single battery devices on the market for life and at lower powers, expect to get well over a day worth of use before you have to replace the batteries. It even comes with a fire lock (3 clicks) so you don’t have to turn it off and on every time you finish/start vaping which is becoming a rarity these days.

The Aegis X is multi functioning, brilliantly performing and robust enough to make this the best simple device to use for a mod. If you want something that is easy to use and yet can survive plenty with barely a scratch then the Aegis X is phenomenal for that.

Easiest entry level Sub Ohm tank

The sub ohm tank can vary between a power machine to a simple cool vape. With so many options out there it can be hard to find the night one for you to start sub ohm vaping with. With so many pod mods on the market aiming to bridge the gap between the two types of vaping then it would make sense to choose on of them. However I feel those devices are a jack of all trades and are probably only selective depending on brand. So instead I want to look at the sub ohm tanks directly and see which one is the best to start with. The requirements for a good entry sub ohm tank has to be easy to use, great coil performance and not overly powerful. The best types of tanks are the ones you can almost plug and go (after getting the coil ready) so there are a few choices. However for this one I want to go with one that is both low powered but great at what it does. To tick all boxes without trying to overcomplicate things. So the easiest starter sub ohm tank is……

Uwell Crown 4

The latest entry in the Crown series that began way back in 2015 now was the Crown 4, their first entry into mesh coiled tanks and boy did they get this one right. What makes it the perfect entry level tank is because functionally it works ever so well. The tank is 6mil in capacity (non TPD) so it has a huge storage of E-liquid meaning you have to fill up less and less. The tank is a top fill via a simple slide of the top part of the tank making it really easy to vape on the go and top up. It has plenty of airflow on the bottom which can be adjusted to how you like it from a huge amount to only a little, depending on your vaping style. The build quality on the tank is top draw, it looks and feels brilliantly made and can survive some wear and tear before the glass gets in trouble. The coil system simply pushes into place, no screwing inside the tank and it has a leak resistant technology built in for making coil changes even easier without having to empty your tank out first. It vapes at around 65w on the mesh coil which gives it a cooler vape compared to others on the market but the flavour is excellent and really brings the most out of your E-liquids. What the Crown 4 has that makes it worthy of its place on this guide is the self cleaning technology inside the tank. What this translates into is that the coil will utilise all E-liquid whilst it empties, making it very cost effective. That extra mil that would normally be sat around the glass will be taken into the coil meaning you get to vape all of your tank without wasting anything. As the thank has been around for a while the cost won’t be as high and with both normal and mesh coils available, it gives you a slight flexibility on what sort of vape you want, with the normal type of coil giving a warmer vape for a little bit more power.

As sub ohm tanks go, the Uwell Crown 4 is excellent on all fronts yet maintains an extremely easy experience no matter what you are doing with it. It is excellently made and the overall performance matches anything else available right now. It provides everything you want in a sub ohm tank without ever feeling like it is trying to overachieve in its ambition. A perfect entry level sub ohm tank that will serve you well, even if you decide to never upgrade from it until the Crown 5 is released.


If you are new to vaping or are looking to move up to something new to suit your style then hopefully we have offered some sort of a helping hand here. Remember in most cases your vaping experience is not cut and paste, only you can find the right product for you in time. There are plenty of great products that missed the cut by millimetres but it by no means that they are bad. In fact for most of the categories someone else may suggest something completely different and that is the joy in vaping, plenty of choice to really love using. If this guide helped you then why not let us know in the comments below, or offer us a suggestion on what you think would be the best starting product compared to above.