Oxva Vape Kits

Oxva are one of the newer vape hardware manufacturers but have seen an incredible rise to the top following the release of their Xlim platform of pod vape kits which remain popular to this day. The innovative and attractive kit has now seen a number of revisions including the SE 2 with a unique voice feature and the Xlim SQ pro – a square shaped, pocket friendly device with an integrated screen for smart control. Shop our range of the best Oxva kits at low prices.

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  • £17.99


    Xlim Pods

    Oxva Xlim SE 2 Pod Vape Kit

    The newest Xlim device featuring voice broadcasting, large internal battery, airflow control and an RGB light

  • £8.99



    Oxva Oneo Replacement Pods

    Replacement pods for the Oxva Oneo, 0.4Ω - 0.8Ω

  • £19.99



    Oxva Oneo Pod Vape Kit

    Pod Kit with larger battery, MTL, RDL, DTL, RGB Light, Airflow Control

  • £24.99


    Xlim Pods

    Oxva Xlim SQ Pro Kit

    A new Xlim device featuring large TFT screen, up to 30W smart output power & lanyard hook

  • £8.99

    3 Pack


    Oxva Xlim Pods V2

    V2 (bottom fill) pods for Xlim platform. MTL vaping with mesh coils. Superb vaping on a budget.

  • £8.99

    3 Pack

    0.8Ω | 1.2Ω

    Oxva Xlim Pods V3

    Top fill anti-leak, Xlim platform pods, mesh coils

  • £23.99


    0.4Ω - 1.2Ω

    Oxva Xlim Pro Vape Kit

    Award winning, reliable, V2/V3 pods available, large battery, discreet

  • £8.99

    5 Pack


    OXVA Xlim C Coils

    Oxva Xlim C platform coils, replaceable, mesh structure, 0.8Ω

  • £6.50



    Oxva Oxbar RRD – Refillable Rechargeable Disposable Vape Kit

    Refillable, Rechargeable, 2ml, 1.0Ω, pass-through charging, visible liquid tank

  • £16.99


    0.6Ω -0.8Ω

    OXVA XLIM SE – Bonus Kit

    Lanyard included, Special Edition, V2/V3 pods, MTL, large battery

About Oxva

Oxva have managed a number of awards for their Xlim platform of vape kits and now enjoy a large share of the pod kit market – a large niche within the larger vaping industry which has grown enormously following the decline of disposable vapes. Their use of advanced tech features in small pod kits as well as the use of eye-catching designs and great ergonomics have given them a reputation as one of the best hardware manufacturers out there.

Oxva have focused almost entirely on pod kits and their range of devices is much smaller than other manufacturers like Aspire or Vaporesso. With that said, they’ve done an excellent job of cornering this market through clever design and integration of smart features, as well as good manufacturing practices and a willingness to listen to market demands.

The Xlim Pro vape kit is still one of the best selling pod kits available and competes with much newer devices despite it’s age.