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Oxva Oneo Pod Vape Kit

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Oxva Oneo Pod Vape Kit


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Product Description

Oneo Pod Kit by Oxva

Oxva’s new “Oneo” Pod Kit is a great addition to their exceptionally popular pod vape lineup which includes the Xlim and Xlim Pro. The Oneo looks to expand the horizon with it’s robust design, large built in battery of 1600mAh, a customizable RGB light and easily adjustable airflow which allows the user to fine-tune their vaping experience.

What make’s the Oneo different?

The Oneo is an upgrade over the Xlim series in terms of power and battery size. Whilst being larger than the Xlim it is still compact and portable and features a smooth, minimalist design with limited features to appeal to those looking for simplicity. The pods are interchangeable and come in different resistances for different styles of vaping including MTL (Mouth to Lung) & RDL (Restricted Direct to Lung) and even DTL (Direct to Lung). MTL is similar to smoking a cigarette as it has a tighter draw, whilst RDL is more “airy” so you can inhale straight to your lungs.

Key Features of the Oneo

Larger battery capacity of 1600mAh Inhale to activate
Adjustable Airflow Control Customisable RGB Lights
E-Liquid window for visibility 40w Max output power

Increased Output Power

The increased output power available with the Oneo allows more vapour and flavour production from specific coils, meaning it’s a more capable device than lower-power pod kits. Cleverly, the Oxva Oneo will automatically detect the output power depending on the pod you have installed. This auto-power setting gives you freedom to explore vape settings without having to learn how to set them on a screen as with older devices.


Adjustable Airflow Control

Similar to the Xlim kits, the Oneo includes a simple Airflow control in the form of a sliding button. Using this affords the ability to either increase or decrease airflow to the coils in the pods. Doing so can alter the flavour and help you find your optimum airflow setting.


Available Colours

Choose from six colours, all manufactured with a robust aluminium body.

Astral Black Cool Silver
Midnight Blue Sky Blue
Space Grey


Pod/Coil Options

An essential feature for any pod kits is a variety in coil resistance. Oxva have utilised an innovative and new “Unicoil Technology” which aims to eliminate leaking and to ensure maximum E-Liquid absorption for minimum waste. There are 3 resistances available which cover all main vaping styles and these are:

  • 0.4Ω – (28-34w) – DTL
  • 0.6Ω – (20-26w) – RDL
  • 0.8Ω (14-18w) – MTL

Customisable RGB lighting

A unique feature of the Oneo is it’s customisable RGB Lighting strip located on the side of the device. This can be changed via inhaling through the pod three times in quick succession, within 1.5 seconds.


Larger Built-in Battery

The larger battery affords longer periods of vaping between charges – so you don’t have to charge so frequently. This is a great feature we think will become a trend as the market demands longevity over convenience. A good step in the right direction following the gradual demise of Disposable Vapes like the Elf Bar. The battery is charged via USB-C cable included and charges rapidly so your down-time is kept to a minimum.

The RGB lighting is used to indicate remaining battery life as below:

  • Green: 75% – 100%
  • Blue: 50% – 75%
  • Yellow: 25% – 50%
  • Red: 0% – 25%


E-Liquid Window for visibility

The Oneo Pods differ to Xlim pods and many others like them in it’s enclosed design. The pod sits inside a housing within the device for ruggedness, but a “window” allows you to easily check how much E-Liquid is left. Each pod has a minimum level indicator on it so you can see exactly when you need to refill.


Oneo Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: 1600mAh
  • Weight: 75g
  • Output Power: 5-40w
  • Resistances available: 0.4 – 0.8Ω
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Materials: PCTG & Aluminium
  • Inhale to Activate (Just like a disposable)


Kit Contents

  • 1 x Oneo Device
  • 1 x Oneo 0.4Ω Refillable Pod
  • 1 x Oneo 0.8Ω Refillable Pod
  • 1 x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual


















As with almost all pod kits, the Oneo is best suited to 50/50 Vg/Pg E-Liquids, though the 0.4Ω Pod can be used with higher VG Liquids such as 70/30. MTL vaping is best suited to Nicotine Salt E-Liquid, whilst DTL can be either Salt or Freebase Nicotine.

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