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Tropical fruits may be a collective term but simply the mention of the term and you can conjour exactly what fruit the term applies. Whether you picture coconuts, pineapples, mangos or kiwis, there is certainly an image in your head. Tropical fruits are a medley of different flavours, textures and tones, with many sweet and tart fruits out there. The amazing thing with tropical fruits is just how different they all taste, a coconut tastes completely different to a kiwi, a passion fruit is conflicting experience in sweet/sour elements when compared to mango. Tropical fruits range in their use from cooking to beverages and beyond but they are most well known as a fruit juice flavour that can be the taste of the sunshine in a faraway place.

Tropical fruit flavoured E-juices are beautiful mix of different flavours and tones, textures and more. For such broad range of fruit flavours, many tropical fruit flavours can taste completely different from each other with the use and emphasis on different fruit flavours. Tropical juice flavoured E-liquids are sweet and sour, tart or smooth. They bring so many different fruity elements to a profile, with even a fresh taste to some of them. Tropical fruit flavoured concentrates are wonderful one shot mixes or if you want to get creative, mix them with ice creams or cream flavours to give that medley of flavour on top of a creamy body. Tropical fruit flavoured E-liquids are fantastic on any sort of set up with both MTL and sub ohm vapers being able to enjoy the wonderful flavour profile.

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