What is diy e liquid?

DIY e liquid is simple, it’s e liquid you make yourself. Why? Because it can save you a huge amount of money for the sake of a few extra (easy steps). Disposable vapes like elf bars are expensive because all of the work has been done to deliver a fully ready to vape kit requiring no thinking. They’re also imported and produced in vast quantities on large production lines. DIY e liquid like our Hackshots are very simple and contain only flavour concentrate for a few reasons;

  • Simple and easy to produce
  • Lower cost per unit
  • Caters to those willing to save money

Instead of premixing the liquid so it’s ready to go, we leave out the vg/pg and nicotine (by law) so the customer has the freedom to choose how they mix it, meaning they can mix it at any strength and any vg/pg ratio. This level of freedom in buying eliquid is attractive to many, and combined with the enormous cost saving involved it’s very much a no-brainer.

Essentially, diy e liquid is e liquid which needs to be mixed by the customer. There are 4 components which must be combined in order to mix it correctly. These are:

  • E liquid Flavour Concentrate
  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
  • Popylene Glycol (PG)
  • Nicotine (Salt or Freebase)

Our Hackshots come prefilled with the E liquid Flavour Concentrate, so there are only 3 items that need to be added to the 250ml bottle we supply it in.

How do I mix my own diy e liquid?

In the days prior to our release of the Hackshot, you would have to buy the individual flavours yourself and mix them into something you think tastes nice, observe the below recipe for example:

Blue Raspberry Candy e liquid

This is obviously a laborious task which requires much in the way of trial and error as you’ll be very lucky to mix something that tastes great on your first attempt. In any case, we’ve devised a whole bunch of incredible e liquid flavour concentrate recipes which you can find here. We’ve done all the trial and error for you in crafting these unique and tasty flavour concentrates so you don’t have to.

Hackshot diy e liquid mixing

In order to mix a Hackshot in to ready to vape eliquid you’ll need to either buy one of our Starter Kits (which includes the vg/pg and nicotine) or buy the Hackshot and add your own vg/pg & nicotine. The volume of each required depends on your needs but lets go with the most popular: 70/30 VG/PG at 3mg/ml of Nicotine. Assuming your hackshot contains 50ml of e liquid flavour concentrate, you’ll need:

3mg/ml | 70/30 VG/PG | 250ml e liquid 

  • 4 x 10ml 20mg Nic Salts
  • 160ml VG

Simply remove the cap and nozzles from the Nicotine and the caps from the Hackshot and VG bottle so you’re ready to start. Decant the nicotine shots into the hackshot and then pour in 160ml Vg in to complete. Shake thoroughly before use! It may seem like a daunting task but it isn’t. It’s 2 simple steps to make 250ml of e liquid. If you were to vape 250ml e liquid using elf bars, you’d need 100 of them, which is obviously a significant investment and would set you back roughly £599 (if one elf bar costs £5.99). A 3mg 70/30 starter kits comes in at approximately £12.90 so the saving here is incredible (you’re welcome!).

What is the best diy e liquid?

Lets look at our top 10 flavour profiles to get a good idea of what constitutes the best because as we all know, flavour is subjective. In order, our best selling e liquid flavour concentrates are thus:

  • Blue Slush – Blue Raspberry Candy Slush. An obvious winner with a nostalgic taste
  • Cherry Winter – Cool Cherry & dark fruits. Always in the top 10 and often number 2
  • Cryo Mango – Cold ripe mango. Mangos are the sweetest fruit out there, and this one is meant to replicate the tropical fruit with a refreshing cold hit
  • Heizenblezzard – Berries, Aniseed and Koolada WS-23. Another favourite amongst our customers
  • Acid Drop – Kiwi, Grapefruit, Woodland Fruits & Melon. Refreshing, sweet and very moreish
  • Cryo Grape – Ice cold Grape Soda. With a generous serving of Koolada WS-23, this rich Grape Soda is simply incredible.
  • Cryo Lightning – Blue Raspberry and Lime. A light and fruity favourite also containing WS-23
  • Alkaline Rise – Acid Drops brother. Kiwi, Lime, Woodland Fruits and Strawberry.
  • Jotuns Wrath – Blueberry Citrus Menthol
  • Berryade – A similar flavour profile to a very popular soft drink that starts with a V and ends with an o

Some of our flavours have won awards with ecig click for their brilliant profiles and our reputation for flaviour quality has stuck for many years.

Can I make my own diy e liquid?

Making your own diy e liquid flavour concentrates can be a rewarding experience but it can take some time to get good at it. In the process you’ll quickly find what flavours work well together and which don’t. Making your own flavours entirely is mostly a thing of the past with the advent of disposable vapes and prefilled pod kits etc, but a few people still do it and it looks like the hobby is picking up again, most likely due to the cost of living crisis and the effect it has on a persons willingness to save money.

Making a “one shot” flavour concentrate requires the use of “single flavours” like Raspberry, Blueberry, Marshmallow etc. These need to be completely standalone flavours so you can build on them yourself. Check out The Flavour Smiths to find a huge range of extra strong diy e liquid flavour concentrates PLUS a range of additives to help enhance your flavours to the max.

Be careful when pairing flavours, a coffee flavour might not go well with a lime flavour for instance but common sense should help you avoid mistakes like this. Usually, you’ll add a few different single flavours together and then mix in some additives like Koolada WS-23 for a cooling hit or Mega Sweet to soften and sweeten the profile. If you’re looking to create a summer fruits flavour you will likely need some berries like Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry etc. Simply combining single flavours along with additives creates what’s known as a One-Shot, and this is exactly what our Hackshots are, making the task of mixing your own diy e liquid even easier.

Can I use diy e liquid in a pod vape?

Vape kits like pod vapes are becoming a big thing right now as the strangle hold that disposables have on the market is beginning to wane. People are starting to look for more economical and environmentally friendly means to vape and pod kits are perfect. Not only are they simple and convenient, they’re reusable and compact. You can still use diy e liquid in a pod vape, you just need to keep in mind the vg/pg ratio and type of nicotine used as this will affect the performance of your device. As we discussed in our post about nic salts, pod vapes are best paired with salts rather than freebase nicotine do to their low power output and the affinity for salts based nicotine to be absorbed by the body.

Luckily, we sell nicotine salts as part of the Hackshot starter kit product as well as on its own, but this means you can easily tailor any one of our hackshots to work perfectly in a pod vape. Just ensure that the final VG/PG ratio is 50/50.

To reiterate, the Hackshot contains 50ml of PG based e liquid flavour concentrate and the nic salts are 70/30 VG/PG. Some quick maths tells us you already have 62ml of PG once you’ve added the Nicotine to the Hackshot, and 28ml of VG (70% of the nic salts). 250ml / 2 = 125ml. So you need 63ml of PG and 97ml of VG.