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Mango has recently become one of the most popular tropical fruits in the world today , gaining plenty of traction over the past 20 years.  The soft juicy fruit is packed full of flavour and all the good stuff you would expect from a fruit with a wonderfully sweet flavour.  Mangos originated from Asia with many of its uses in culinary influenced as such.  Mango is used in many popular dishes and condiments from mango chutney being the most famous; you will find it in curries, ice cream and smoothies.  Given how much flavour it carries, Mango has overtaken pineapple arguably as the most popular tropical fruit.  

Mango flavoured E-juices are strong, packed full of flavour and make an ideal fruit vape.  Mango flavoured E-liquids can be fresh or juicy, blend with others or taste brilliant by themselves.  Mango has become really popular in the vaping world for its flavour and there are many interesting takes on the fruit.  Mango can go really well with other fruits such as pineapple, guava or citrus fruits or perhaps you just want a juicy mango vape, the options are there.  Mango flavoured concentrates are ideal as a standalone flavour and you even have the option to mix with an ice cream base to give a creamy version of the popular fruit.  Mango performs wonderful in any vaping set up so whether you enjoy it in a mix or by itself, mango is bound to give you a fruity sweet vape.  


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